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Why Forage?

What is forage and why is it important?

Forage simply means to search for food. Animals spend most of their time foraging for food in the wild. Domesticated animals aren't always in a situation to be able to this natural behaviour, but with a little bit of understanding, you as their owner can help them with this. Forage has so many benefits from enrichment, contains essential nutrients, helps to promote healthy digestion, helps with dental care and encourage natural behaviours.

Forage helps with your rodents natural instincts, physical and mental health.

At Bunny And Friends Ranch we have a wide range of forage and natural woods and chews to choose from. Each rodent will have their favourites which is why we know it is important to supply so many varieties, as well as always keeping your pets health our biggest priority by only using natural ingredients.

Shop our forage here;

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