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This English Timothy Hay is 1st cut & has a great mixture of tough & soft stems, making it great for small animals.

This Ultra Premium Hay is packed full of easily digestible fibre and contains low-medium protein, making it the perfect daily diet for your small animal. Great for feeding on its own or mixing with other hays.

This English Timothy hay is grown in Kent, it is untreated and will contain varying shades of green & yellow stems, this is not a sign of inferior quality, it is just a result of our beautiful British weather! Timothy Hay is nutritionally perfect for small animals containing just the right amount of fibre, the blend of coarse & soft stems are perfect for Guinea Pigs & even fussy Rabbits who don't like their hay too crunchy! This hay is perfect for adding forage on top.


This box is 300g of Timothy hay with no plastic, please contact us if you require a bigger quantity.

English Timothy Hay For Small Animals

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