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These are inspired by our Skippy Hay Stacks, where Timothy Hay is held together with jute rope to hold the stack in place, in the middle your small animal will get a nice little extra snack. When they get in to it the filling of your choice will fall out.

You can choose from three fillings.


Apple If we do not have apple slices in stock we will use diced apple.

Flower Power.


The carrot and Apple ones are not suitable for chinchillas.


Whilst the jute string is ok to be chewed we advise you to watch them with it as there are two knots where we have tied and tightened it. We also advise you to supervise to make sure heads and paws do not get stuck under the jute string when trying to take it apart.

Length approx 12 inches

Width approx 4 inches

Weight approx 90g

Hay Bomb For Small Animals

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