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This smash box has been created using two plam bowls and some jute string to hold it together. Inside is totally up to you! Add all of your small animals favourite forage from the ranch. We will leave some of the contents where possible poking out of the sides so that your furry pets can smell it and encourage them to get stuck in.


Choose up to 4 items from below, if you want more than one item just type x2, for example x2 banana coins.


Please leave us a note if you want hay added in aswell as an optional extra item.



Blackcurrant Leaves, Echinacea Stems and Flowers, Orchard Special, Dandelion Leaves, Apple Leaves.

Dried Fruit And Veg

Banana Coins, Carrot Slices, Pea Flakes, Cucumber Slices, Apple Slices.


Lavender, Rose Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, Marigold Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Dandelion Flowers.

Salads and Mixes

Chamomile and Lavender Salad, Flower Power, Vitality Salad, Nibble Salad, Vitamin C Boost.

Sticks and Nibbles

Dandelion Root, Apple Sticks, Hazelnut Sticks


As it is held together with jute string please supervise them and take away the string once they have it opened. Rabbits and guinea pigs can chew the palm bowl but it is best to keep it in moderation.

Weight of forage approx 75g.

Weight in total 135g.

Make Your Own Smash Box Small Animal Forage Toy

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