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Our mini snack boxes have small holes in to help your small animal smell out the forage inside which will keep their minds stimulated whilst they try to break in to it, at either end there are openings aswell. This is great to be used for a toy. Choose up to four of our choices, if you would like a double of one item please just enter x2 after the item, for example plantain leaves x2.


Blackcurrant Leaves, Echinacea Stems and Flowers, Orchard Special, Strawberry Leaves, Dandelion Leaves, Apple Leaves.

Dried Fruit And Veg

Dried Bell Pepper, Banana Coins, Carrot Slices, Pea Flakes, Cucumber Slices, Apple Slices.


Lavender, Rose Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, Marigold Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Dandelion Flowers.

Salads and Mixes

Chamomile and Lavender Salad, Flower Power, Vitality Salad, Nibble Salad, Vitamin C Boost.

Sticks and Nibbles

Dandelion Root, Apple Sticks.

Please keep supervised and do not let your pet to digest any of the cardboard.

Size approx 3inchx3inch

Mini Snack Box Small Animal Forage Toy

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